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Commands Available In PEAR2_SimpleChannelServer

Commands available for the pearscs command-line script.

create - creates a PEAR channel

The create command creates a PEAR channel on the local filesystem, including the channel.xml file and the get and rest directories. This command assumes you are currently at the web root for the channel you wish to create, unless you pass the path to where the channel.xml file will be created. The local root can be a subdirectory off of your webserver, but you should be in that subdirectory when executing this command.

    pearscs create summary [alias] [./channel.xml]

Required arguments are the channel name and channel summary. For example or can also be a subdirectory such as

The alias is a short name which can be used to refer to your PEAR channel. If one is not specified, SimpleChannelServer will attempt to create one for you.

If the path to a channel.xml file is specified, the directory given will be used to create the channel.xml, get, and rest directories for the channel. If no path is specified, SimpleChannelServer will use the current directory.

release - releases a PEAR package to the channel

The release command releases a package to your PEAR channel.

    pearscs release MyPackage-1.0.0.tgz handle

The file must be a valid PEAR package, and can be either the package.xml file, or a compressed and optionally signed .tgz file.

The handle attribute should be a lead maintainer for the package, as who released this version will be stored within the channel's xml files.

update - updates the xml files for the local channel

The update command re-generates the xml files for all releases.

   pearscs update [./channel.xml]

This command updates the associated xml files for all releases present in the get directory.

add-maintainer - adds a maintainer

The add-maintainer command adds a maintainer's handle to the list of channel maintainers.

   pearscs add-maintainer handle

This command adds the handle of a maintainer to the local channel. It is not necessary to add maintainers before releasing a package, as they will automatically be added or updated.

add-category - adds a package category

The add-category command adds a category to the channel.

   pearscs add-cateogry category

This command adds a category to the channel for grouping related packages.


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